Nuban Software Solution offers the best-in-the-class technology services to small and medium businesses across the world. Our established objective is to offer Software Development services that achieve total business transformation. Our objective takes us to offer appealing web design and development, and quality custom application development based on proprietary and open-source tools. The design and development of desktop-based applications has graduated to those that are predominantly based on cloud, mobile and smart interface.Nuban Software Solution is in the forefront of taking the client to the next level of technology convergence, with unlimited scope for rapid access, customizability and adaptability of software applications. Nuban Software Solution notable contribution is in enabling businesses to keep abreast with the fast changes - reorganization, expansion, growth, customer expectations, and unpredictable markets. We ensure that all change is answered with the right technology solutions and adoption of the right change management strategy.

HR Management Software

1) Reducing Administrative Workload

2) Saving Money and Time spent on Manual Tasks

3) Providing Data to help make Important Decisions

Making payments and keeping the records of each and every employee is one of the tedious tasks of HR. It is one of those tasks that require complete clarity and zero percent error.

Therefore, taking the help of technology considerably reduces, rather completely eliminates the wearisome of this task. Usually, the payroll softwares have built-in HR Software or separate HR Software can be purchased..It is always better to do this task on our own rather than outsourcing it to other company. All you need to do is to buy a HR Software that will handle and manage all your HR related activities. We at Nuban Software Solution provide HR Software that is developed to manage the entire HR related tasks in minutes.

Visitor Management

You have a great office facility and then you don’t have a similar great way to welcome your visitors. Does this sound good? Of course, not! You should treat your visitors the way you would want others to treat you.

Additionally, you should have a detailed account of all the visitors entering and leaving your office every day. Well, we understand it is not possible for you to tract these and similar records of every visitor on a daily basis mere on so called entry register. Whenever you will want to check records of 5 months back visitor, you will find it tedious to go through the old registers and check the names in the list. Also, can you really trust the in and out entries made in book by the visitors? To get relieved from all these and even more problems, you need a visitor management system that manages all your tedious jobs related to visitors.

School Management

Seeking admissions in colleges can be a difficult task for most of the aspiring students and their parents. Many are not aware of the reputed colleges and courses offered by them. Also, the fee structure of each course of many different colleges needs to be known.

It is physically not possible to visit every single college you know and get the details that you want.

Then you make a list of options that you think are useful to you, like asking your friends, their friends, asking your relatives, etc. Still, many times you are not firm on a decision regarding pursuing a particular course in a particular college. You still remain unsatisfied. And when you are an outstation candidate, then you definitely find yourself in a mess.

1) We are not just your consultant, but we try to be a step beyond that. We make sure the parents and the aspiring students find a guide cum friend in us and are free to raise their every single query regarding college admissions.
2) We also provide guidance for the future career options available after pursuing a particular course. We try our best to provide you a perfect educational career guidance along with being your first-choice consultancy for college admissions.
3) All you need to do is just tell us your area of interest and we will inform you what course you should opt for, in which college and thus help you in securing your career.

Hotel & Restaurant Software

Our easy to implement and use Point of Sale (POS) system is an end to end solution for F&B operations & management with a host of features for any type of an establishment:

1) Billing & Accounting Management
2) Customer Management
3) Order Management & Tracking
4) Happy Hours Management
5) Multi Modifier Group
6) Inventory Control
7) Loyalty and Ad-hoc Promotions
8) Smart Card POS Management

Retail and Wholesale Software

We understand that wholesale business is multifaceted as well as dynamic. It requires numerous tools to balance various complexities. Therefore, to ease the intricacies of wholesale business . This software not only amplifies your workflow, but also simplifies your business operations.

This software has been engineered using most advanced tools to manage diverse and complex product inventories and other management details. It optimizes your operations and minimizes your operating costs.

It enables you to manage your inventory, sales and purchase transactions, invoicing, order management, administrator rights, data management and client management amongst many other features.

Barcode Software

1) Eliminate the need for paper in the warehouse
2) Reduce picking errors
3) Save time locating a product by providing inventory locations (bin and shelf)
4) Save money as Android phones are less expensive than traditional scanners
5) Easily train new employees as the software is designed with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface
Barcode inventory software provides a method of identifying products with a barcode scanner for purpose of counting them quickly and with a minimum chance of human error.

In inventory management, barcode software is employed in the tasks that require counting large numbers of physical items: stock takes, receiving shipments, packing orders, and shipping orders (or transfers). Final Inventory allows your business to...